Offer Customized Products with PrestaShop Product Designer Customizer addon by Knowband

Offering clients what they need can not just assist you with getting transformations on your online store yet additionally can build consumer loyalty. Knowband offers PrestaShop Product Customizer addon which coordinates a Customizer area on your online store and permits the clients to plan the items as indicated by their craving and inclinations. the crew addon With the addon, the clients can add text, pictures, QR codes, stickers to the items and can likewise apply channels on the pictures.

With the PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon, you can without much of a stretch lift the deals and income of your eCommerce store and can hold your clients with your image for a more extended time frame. The addon gives the clients a superior shopping experience and plans the items as per their inclinations. How about we investigate every one of the highlights and advantages the expansion offers.

Shipper Benefits of the PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon:

With the addon, you can offer what your clients truly need. Thusly, you not just get more deals on your online store yet additionally can fulfill your clients more.

Knowband’s PrestaShop Product Customization addon improves the shopping experience of your clients by allowing them to add different appealing customizations and plan the items as per their longing.

The PrestaShop Product Customization addon assists you with making your clients more faithful to your image by fulfilling their necessities and inclinations.

With the PrestaShop Custom Product Designer addon, the storekeeper can think better about the clients’ needs and inclinations. He can add more comparative customizations to build the deals of the online store subsequent to improving knowledge through the module.

With the Knowband’s Advanced Product Customizer module, the e-trader can without much of a stretch improve the client commitment and normal meeting term by permitting the guests and the clients to attempt different customizations and plan the items.

Fundamental Characteristics of the PrestaShop Product Designer/Customizer addon:

The addon incorporates a creator board on the eCommerce site which can be gotten to by tapping the Customization button on the item pages. The store administrator can whenever initiate or deactivate the addon from the administrative center.

With the Product Personalization addon, the clients can add pictures, stickers, text, QR codes, apply filtersFree Reprint Articles, and so forth The clients can even transfer new pictures on the ideal items from the Customizer board.

Knowband’s PrestaShop Custom Product Design module shows the customization cost and the last cost of the item after the customizations on the planner board. Online customers can check the absolute cost and can increment or lessening customizations as indicated by their spending plan.

The Online Product Designer module offers multi-store and multi-lingual similarity.

The storekeeper can determine the adaptable sides of the items from the administrative center of the Knowband’s PrestaShop Extended Product Customization module. Assuming he sets 2 adjustable sides, the clients will actually want to plan both the front and posterior of the item.

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